Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Syndication: Who's Running What?

As a programmer, quality syndicated programming has always been appealing - especially on the weekends when good part-time air talent might be scarce - or when a program can add compliment or add spice to a station's airsound.

Over the past few days did our own informal survey of the top 50 markets to find out who's running what...and we did not include syndicated morning shows.

We found some stations with zero syndicated programming - and we found some of the programming that might appear on a Classic Rock/Classic Hits station - such as Little Steven or Acoustic Storm - appearing on a AAA, Active Rock - or other station in a market. Survery says:

Little Steven's Underground Garage: Q1043/NYC, KLOS/LA, KSAN/San Francisco, KKRW/Houston, WMGK/Philadelphia, WCSX/Detroit, WBGG/Miami, KQRS/Minneapolis, KQMT/Denver, KGON/Portland, WNCX/Cleveland, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk, WNRQ/Nashville, WKRR/Greensboro, WKGR/W Palm Beach, WXMX/Memphis
Flashback: KLOS/LA, WBGG/Miami, WZBA/Baltimore, KGON/Portland, WOFX/Cincinnati, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk, WNRQ/Nashville, WKGR/W Palm Beach, KXRO/OKC, WEGR/Memphis
Off The Record w/Joe Benson: KLOS/LA, KGON/Portand, WOFX/Cincinnati, KUFX/San Jose, WKLH/Milwaukee

Rockline: KLOS/LA, KSAN/San Francisco, KGON/Portland, WOFX/Cincinnati, WKGR/W Palm Beach
The Deep End w/Nick Michaels: KLOS/LA, WDRV/Chicago, WCSX/Detroit, WBGG/Miami, WKLH/Milwaukee, WEGR/Memphis
Dr. Demento: WLUP/Chicago

Nights w/Alice Cooper: WMGK/Philadelphia, WCSX/Detroit, KRFX/Denver, KYYS/KC, WKLH/Milwaukee, WFBQ/Indianapolis
In The Studio w/Redbeard
: KZPS/Dallas, WCSX/Detroit, KSLX/Phoenix, WKGR/W Palm Beach, KRXO/OKC, WEGR/Memphis
Superstar Concert Series: KGON/Portland

Breakfast w/The Beatles: WMGK*/Philadelphia, KSLX/Phoenix, KUFX/San Jose
House of Blues Radio Hour: KSLX/Phoenix, KQMT/Denver, KSEG/Sacramento, WKGR/W Palm Beach
*flagship station

Acoustic Cafe: WZBA/Baltimore
Acoustic Storm: WXRC/Charlotte, KUFX/San Jose
The Beatle Years: KGON/Portland, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk

Beatle Brunch: WKLU/Indianapolis
Lobster's Rock Box: WNRQ/Nashville
King Biscuit Flower Hour: KRXO/OKC

If we missed a show appearing on a station, our apologies. This should give you a pretty good idea of who is running what in the Top 50 markets; and is by no means an endorsement of any show or program.

Over the years, we've run varying amounts of syndicated shows - depending on the situation. We have our own favorites - all not necessarily good for every situation. Your mileage will vary.

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