Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

OK, dream mode off. The reality is my feet are in wool socks right now.

More dates for The Police tour. Check 'em out here. If you're in a nearby market, work now to secure tickets for promotions. This is the hottest tour of the year - so far - and one your listeners are talking about.

Up All Night. Sleep All Day. Bill Jacobs writes today about radio's lack of attention to the overnight shift. An excellent read here.

Brands: Building 'Em and Blowing 'Em. Lee Abrams writes here.

This one could get you angry. Jerry Del Colliano on content and branding. Read here.

A Search Engine for Streaming. Mark Ramsey turns us on to Radiotime here.

CGM Comes To Live TV

There's been a lot written about Consumer Generated Media (CGM) ... You Tube, blogs, podcasting and more - and now comes "Text Me TV".

It just debuted here in Lansing on the local CW affiliate (a cable channel here - also seen on the ABC affiliate's HDTV secondary channel). For a mere 99¢ per text, one can broadcast their message to the world - or at least to those watching in the Lansing market.

Tuning in this past Tuesday at noon, the show had two hosts giving away prizes - conducting polls on "best revenge you ever had on an ex"; plus talk on Britney, Lindsay Lohan and more. The hosts commented on messages; suggesting new topics when response slowed, much like talk radio. Live and local TV.
Check out the Lansing Text Me TV website here. Read an interview with a late-night Text Me TV show host here. At best, I'd classify this show as "semi-professional"...the hosts are primary students at Michigan State University. But it doesn't matter. Its different - and talking right to its demo.

What could text messaging do for radio? Interacting with your audience. A text scroll on a website or streaming player. Requests. Questions. Polls. Opinion. Fun. Make it ad supported. Another chance to bond with the audience. Community. How about HD radio with its text abilities?

In just recent weeks - CBS country WYCD/Detroit introduced text messaging as a way of communicating with their audience. And the age demos of country are pretty broad.

How 'bout Classic Rock? As Fred Jacobs wrote days ago: "You can't run away from technology, so why not try to embrace it?"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Promoting Online Streaming

Notice the 103.5 Fox "listen live" link to the left?

How much would a station increase its online listening if a link like this were placed on local non-station websites in its market?

Me thinks there's more than a few businesses with websites willing to put up a link and graphic in exchange for a few units on the stream. Perhaps even on internal company employee sites.

And how much more revenue could your station produce from online ad sales? Would a link like this increase awareness of the station and its streaming to both potential listeners and the ad community? Just thinking.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Milestones: Week of February 26, 2007

Monday, 2/26:
Hey Jude/Revolution (single)/Beatles released 1970
Hotel California/Eagles released 1977

Tuesday, 2/27:
Neil Schon of Journey born 1954

Wednesday, 2/28:
Now and Zen/Robert Plant released 1988

Thursday, 3/1:
Brown Sugar (single)/Rolling Stones released 1971
BTO's first album released 1973
Oliver Stone's "The Doors" movie opens 1991

Friday, 3/2:
Lou Reed born 1942
Eddie Money born 1949

Jon Bon Jovi born 1962
Lennon & McCartney win Grammy for "Michelle" 1967
The Joshua Tree/U2 wins album of year Grammy 1988
Movie "Spinal Tap" opens in US 1984

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Left: Okemos, MI; today 9:50am.

Winter has returned to Mid-Michigan.

Jerry Del Colliano has an interesting take on how a XM/Sirius merger could "pass go" and benefit HD radio at the same time. Read it here.

Meanwhile KFAB/Omaha's Tom Becka offers his two cents on satellite radio's effect on terrestrial radio in the Omaha City Weekly here.

Cara Carriveau - mentioned here last Sunday - is interviewed on Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight today. Great read.

Condolences to family and friends of engineer/processsing guru Jim Somich who passed away in recent days. Writing on various industry forums, Omnia's Frank Foti broke the news. I recall using a Jim Somich "Somich Engineering" composite clipper with a Texar Prism/Optimod 8000A configuration in the mid 80s on an FM I was programming. If you're a tech head with some time, read Foti's retrospective of audio processing here.

Here's a least likely industry to display a little attitude. Check this out. I love it. You think they know their market?

Last but not least - stumbled across this station in Indiana this past week. Doing what many have tried: AC/DC and Hank Jr. They stream. Lots o' fun with their imaging.

I like it! Crock on!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Happy weekend. Caught some great writing this past week:

Dave Lange of McVay Media - a wonderful mind who helped me in a competitive battle years ago - writes about about Anna Nicole, Britney and XM/Sirius here.

Alan Mason
- of Good Ratings - who I don't know but wish I did - quotes Mark Ramsey and writes about your station's community here.

Lee Arnold on two of radio's best here.

Radio Wars in Denver. Its country, not classic rock. But there's always something to be learned from watching any format battle. Jaye Albright has it here.

FMQB reports that Van Halen is apparently not getting back together (for now). And The Police sold out Madison Square Garden twice in 15 minutes; now doing another show at Giants Stadium on August 5th. Tickets for that show go on sale Monday.

Heard from old friend Jay Blackburn this past week. Jay was the mind behind the original WLUP/Chicago (pre-Heftel/Lee Abrams) and his work there was a big influence on my career (although he didn't know it until years later). Jay has written an autographical-based novel on "
radio wars of the '70s as seen through the eyes of a couple of midlevel consultants. It's the whole story, from '70 to '79."

Knowing Jay's history, this should be a great read. Jay says it will be out mid-summer; once a firm release date is set, we'll pass it along.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Converting listeners into advocates

Some quick thoughts today inspired by this. Your most effective advertising doesn't come from line items on the A&P budget.

Its word of mouth - by your present P1s. Its making them advocates for your on-air product. It comes from involving them in the process. Giving them ownership. And sometimes from just responding to them in an honest, visible, credible way.

Easy to do. Example here. And here. And here. Be inspired.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Denny Somach: The Legend Continues

Denny Somach - one time WYSP/Philadelphia programmer - but better known nationally as producer of syndicated and network radio programming has now opened his vault of thousands of hours of interviews and radio specials - free to the world - to the world via Classic Rock Central. The site also has music and artist news and promises new interviews too.

I recall running some of Denny's programming via NBC's Source Radio Network back in the 80s.

There's lots to read - lots to listen to...spend some time there when you can.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Station Music Expert

OK - I need to get a life.

Wide awake - while still in bed this morning - I was trying to think of those few classic rock stations that have taken music credibility to a higher level by having an on-air music expert.

This is someone far above the typical on-air talent's knowledge of all things classic rock. I'm talking about the expert who can talk about the history of rock, album rock, even top 40 - on a national basis - but more even more important - about their own local market or region.

I came up with three stations and four names real quick: Bob Stroud at WDRV/Chicago; Dan Hansen and Steve Palec at WKLH/Milwaukee; and Gary Crow at KZOK/Seattle.

All these guys tie in the music heritage of their respective markets so well. On WDRV, Bob Stroud does it during the course of his normal shift (including playing one 45rpm single each day, scratches and all, at 1:45pm; and on Sunday Morning 7 to 10am he hosts "Rock and Roll Roots" - which really goes in depth with the music and stories behind the artists and bands from Chicago and the Midwest. My biggest frustration is that due to RIAA streaming issues (save that for another rant), the show isn't often heard on the internet; I've got to save that for my trips to the Windy City.

On Milwaukee's WKLH,
"Downstairs" Dan Hansen is on the air daily; part of his shift includes a 'ZMF flashback. WZMF was one of Milwaukee's legendary AOR outlets back in the 70s - even though it was only 3kw from suburban Menomonee Falls. Dan worked there. Cool and very smart to acknowledge 'ZMF. Also at WKLH, Milwaukee radio vet Steve Palec has his "Rock and Roll Roots" Sunday Mornings 9 to noon. Having listened to this program you've got to admire the amount of prep time that goes into producing it each week.

Up in the Pacific Northwest on KZOK, Gary Crow is that station's music expert. Does afternoon drive - plus "The Psychedelic 60s" on Saturday Morning. Gary is a rock trivia junkie and has established himself - and KZOK - as the classic rock experts in Seattle.

One person like this on your airstaff helps can help reinforce a strong music image; can provide a "heritage" position even if the station is new, integrates the station into the local market; and provides another difficult-to-duplicate attribute against a competitor. It adds to the station's feeling of community as another emotional bond with its audience. There's website potential here too ("ask the professor"). It makes the station part of the city.

I wouldn't try it without the right hire. It can't be faked.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Serious: XM and Sirius to become one

A merger. Reduced staffing. I can only imagine lots of nervous folks at both companies. We're going to be watching Lee Abram's blog.

Read the release from XM here.

Tuesday Morning update: Observations from Paul Jacobs and Mark Ramsey. Remarks of radio CEOs at Inside Radio.

Milestones: Week of February 19, 2007

Monday, 2/19:
Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) born 1948.

Tuesday, 2/20:
Walter Becker (Steely Dan) born 1950.
J. (Jerome) Geils born 1946.
John Lennon's "Instant Karma" rel. 1970.

Wednesday 2/21:
Bon Scott (AC/DC) died 1980.

Friday 2/23:
Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) born 1952.
Johnny Winter born 1944.

Saturday 2/24:
"Roxanne" by The Police released 1979.
"Double Fantasy" by John Lennon wins Grammy Best Album 1981.
"Higher Love" by Steve Winwood wins Grammy Best Record 1987.
John Fogerty wins Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 1998.

Sunday 2/25:
George Harrison born 1943.
Rolling Stones win Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 1986.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Left: My backyard. 9am this morning.

Sunny & 15° - clouds coming.

Follow-up. Thursday, I posted my rant on internet streaming. At the same time, Edison Media's Sean Ross posted on the topic - with his focus on "webset" content - including a monitor of Atlanta station web streams. Its a great read - find the link and some follow-up comments here.

Arbitron has released its latest "American Radio Listening Trends"; and Fall '06 was not kind to Classic Rock. The format still the leads the rock genre. Check out the trends going back to Fall of '98 here.

Start your week with this: David Martin points us to Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau's new site featuring a podcast/interview with stand-up comic and former Chicago/Milwaukee radio personality Dobie Maxwell. Dobie has been one of our favorites for years - and along with Cara shares some thoughts and great war stories about radio - and life.

Nothing beyond rumor: but Dave White reports of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion in 2007. No doubt a big event if it were to happen; but I just can't help but think of the late George Harrison in 1989: stating that there would be no Beatles reunion "as long as John Lennon remained dead."

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Left: yours truly circa 1973. PM drive/Highland Park, IL. Age 17.

NASCAR's Daytona 500 happens on Sunday. With the news of cheating in recent days, Fox Television should enjoy some great numbers (I detected a bit of gloating on Fox News Channel this morning). And your morning show been talking about this, yes?

Caught this on Mark Ramsey's site this morning: "Jack is also a TV channel". Great stuff. Reminded me of some other ways stations are using You Tube: A couple months back, longtime friend Tom Becka (KFAB/Omaha) sent me this link to his "behind the scenes" video. A great example of breaking down that wall between performer and audience...something David Letterman taught us all on Late Night back in the 80s.

WCSX/Detroit has posted a whole lot of video as a listener resource on their website. And its hard to ignore the video resources Clear Channel has on many of their station websites.

Late Friday Update: Mark Ramsey writes more on this topic and offers this NY Times article.

I appreciate all the kind comments and constructive feedback I've received in the past week. It means a lot. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rant: Streaming

I spend a lot of time listening the online streams of radio stations from markets large and small - to hear what others are doing; as inspiration for my own product; or to steal a killer idea before a competitor does. And its obvious that most radio stations don't put much thought into streaming. Poor levels. Sloppy execution. Missed opportunties.

Quoting Dennis Miller: "I don't want to get off on a rant here...but..."

I think I can understand the attitudes of some GMs and PDs. Why spend too much time with streaming as Arbitron won't give us credit for online listening? They won't unless your stream is 100% simulcast with your on-air content including commercials. And you can't stream your on-air commercials due to AFTRA regulations. Fred Jacobs covered this on his blog last month.

So with that we hear on too many streams: sloppy execution in and out of breaks; ad-insertion/substitute audio that doesn't match the level of the on-air feed (which either jolts the listener with its loudness or causes him to strain to hear because its too low); mismatched audio levels between elements in the filler audio; and silly per-inquiry spots not compatible with the station formatics. Would any PD accept this with the regular terrestrial signal?

Isn't the quality of your product is judged by your listeners whether they are listening off the air or off the web? If you supply and promote a streaming option, listeners deserve (and expect) the same quality they hear with the over-the-air product. And anything worth doing is worth doing well. I don't want to get off on a rant here...but...

Spend some time and listen to your stream. Is the level of your inserted "internet only" audio the same as your primary audio? Are the levels of the various spots, promos and other elements within your inserted audio consistent? The unfortunate reality is that inserted audio or "ad-insertion" technology typically involves a separate server either in-house or thousands of miles away at your streaming provider and doesn't pass through the same audio processing as your air feed. Ever watch the cable channels on TV and notice what often happens when a local spot is inserted by your cable operator?

How smooth are you in and out of stopsets? Is any audio upcut? Does anything get abruptly cut when you return to air feed audio? Find out the reasons why. All little things. And easy to fix.

How are you using the inventory created by the AFTRA issue? If your sales staff is selling it, applaud them. If they're filling it up with per-inquiry ads that are not format-compatible, complain. Not long ago I was listening to a soft AAA station on the net. Very good radio. Then the station went to break and on the net I heard a PI spot for some colon cleanser product. And the level was much louder than the on-air feed. Ruined the moment. Did that spot really have to air?

Chances are there's opportunities for promoting the station and developing relationships that you might not be able to do on-air. Extended morning show "best of" bits. Promos for other dayparts and programming. Classic rock "deep cuts" - with appropriate staging so those listening online feel they're in an exclusive club.

Other ideas: How about 60 or 90sec vignettes highlighting local music and bands? Its a way of showing a little love and bonding with that community. "Behind The Mic" - 60 second profiles of your air talent, similar to the written bios we read on station websites. Brainstorm together and I'm sure you'll come up with a dozen ideas real fast. Feel free to share.

Don't let it get stale.

Listen like a listener. Create a listening experience that equals or exceeds the terrestrial signal. If you don't think its important now - then when?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Police (Again...)

On Monday, we wrote here that The Police 2007 Reunion Tour could be the biggest classic rock event of the year and suggested that you might start the planning process now. Just received this from one station's email club:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Syndication: Who's Running What?

As a programmer, quality syndicated programming has always been appealing - especially on the weekends when good part-time air talent might be scarce - or when a program can add compliment or add spice to a station's airsound.

Over the past few days did our own informal survey of the top 50 markets to find out who's running what...and we did not include syndicated morning shows.

We found some stations with zero syndicated programming - and we found some of the programming that might appear on a Classic Rock/Classic Hits station - such as Little Steven or Acoustic Storm - appearing on a AAA, Active Rock - or other station in a market. Survery says:

Little Steven's Underground Garage: Q1043/NYC, KLOS/LA, KSAN/San Francisco, KKRW/Houston, WMGK/Philadelphia, WCSX/Detroit, WBGG/Miami, KQRS/Minneapolis, KQMT/Denver, KGON/Portland, WNCX/Cleveland, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk, WNRQ/Nashville, WKRR/Greensboro, WKGR/W Palm Beach, WXMX/Memphis
Flashback: KLOS/LA, WBGG/Miami, WZBA/Baltimore, KGON/Portland, WOFX/Cincinnati, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk, WNRQ/Nashville, WKGR/W Palm Beach, KXRO/OKC, WEGR/Memphis
Off The Record w/Joe Benson: KLOS/LA, KGON/Portand, WOFX/Cincinnati, KUFX/San Jose, WKLH/Milwaukee

Rockline: KLOS/LA, KSAN/San Francisco, KGON/Portland, WOFX/Cincinnati, WKGR/W Palm Beach
The Deep End w/Nick Michaels: KLOS/LA, WDRV/Chicago, WCSX/Detroit, WBGG/Miami, WKLH/Milwaukee, WEGR/Memphis
Dr. Demento: WLUP/Chicago

Nights w/Alice Cooper: WMGK/Philadelphia, WCSX/Detroit, KRFX/Denver, KYYS/KC, WKLH/Milwaukee, WFBQ/Indianapolis
In The Studio w/Redbeard
: KZPS/Dallas, WCSX/Detroit, KSLX/Phoenix, WKGR/W Palm Beach, KRXO/OKC, WEGR/Memphis
Superstar Concert Series: KGON/Portland

Breakfast w/The Beatles: WMGK*/Philadelphia, KSLX/Phoenix, KUFX/San Jose
House of Blues Radio Hour: KSLX/Phoenix, KQMT/Denver, KSEG/Sacramento, WKGR/W Palm Beach
*flagship station

Acoustic Cafe: WZBA/Baltimore
Acoustic Storm: WXRC/Charlotte, KUFX/San Jose
The Beatle Years: KGON/Portland, WKLH/Milwaukee, WAFX/Norfolk

Beatle Brunch: WKLU/Indianapolis
Lobster's Rock Box: WNRQ/Nashville
King Biscuit Flower Hour: KRXO/OKC

If we missed a show appearing on a station, our apologies. This should give you a pretty good idea of who is running what in the Top 50 markets; and is by no means an endorsement of any show or program.

Over the years, we've run varying amounts of syndicated shows - depending on the situation. We have our own favorites - all not necessarily good for every situation. Your mileage will vary.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Police: 2007 Tour

At a press conference held this afternoon and carried live on VH-1 Classic, The Police announced plans for a reunion tour to kick off May 28th in Vancouver, BC - followed by Seattle, Denver and other cities - wrapping up at Madison Square Garden/NYC in August.

See the press conference and get the tour information here. This could be the classic rock event of 2007...plan your promotions now.

On The Air!

This past weekend, I joined some friends in the business - and met some new ones with a trip to Pentwater, Michigan.

This even included some air time on Todd Mohr's 94 K-Rock.

It was a great time filled with lots of radio war stories - good food and good drink - and a chance meeting with a Pentwater local who grew up in the same town/went to the same high school - (and college!) in Illinois. A whole lotta fun. Thanks again to both Todd Mohr and Craig Bowman for the invite and hospitality.

Milestones: Week of February 12, 2007

Monday, 2/12:
Ray Manzarek of The Doors born 1939.

Steve Hackett of Genesis born 1950.
Michael McDonald of Doobies born 1952.

Tuesday, 2/13:
Peter Gabriel born 1950.

Black Sabbath's 1st LP released 1970.
"The Wedding Singer" released 1998.

Wednesday 2/14:

The Who "Live At Leeds" recorded 1970.

Dire Straits begin recording 1st album 1978.

Thursday 2/15:
Chris Farley born 1964.

Sunday 2/18:
Dennis DeYoung born 1947.

Yoko Ono born 1933.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Street sheets: Life before the web. Almost hard to imagine.

Some great writing this past week from some great names:

Fred Jacobs with another great example of how radio can compete with ipods, the internet and cell phones. Read here.

Paul Jacobs says "its over" (and he's right) for many of radio's "bag of tricks". Read Paul's observations here.

Edison Media Research's Sean Ross writes about The Most Intriguing Stations Of 2006.

The Grammy Awards are on CBS Sunday. The reunion of The Police is reason alone to TiVo to grab audio. And this weekend, Milwaukee's WKLH presents "The Shammy Awards" - with rock's greatest embarrassments. More here.

Speaking of TV,
how cool would if be if Dennis Hopper did a TV spot for a classic rock station? (I just saw him in a commercial for a financial planning firm...) There's a storyboard floating around in the back of my head.

Love the current Cadillac spot on TV and the music behind it. See the spot here. Listen to the entire song in the spot ("Punk Rocker" - The Teddy Bears w/Iggy Pop) here.

This weekend I'm headed to the shores of Lake Michigan - specifically Pentwater, Michigan to hang with a couple of radio buddies. Should be a fun weekend no matter how cold. Think we'll talk shop? Maybe a just a little. See you Monday.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is less than a week away - and while its likely a national holiday on the sister AC station down the hall, it can be a fun day for Classic Rock too!

New York's Q104.3 has lists of The Top Ten Classic Rock Love Songs here and The Top Ten Breakup Songs here. We're certain you can go beyond these lists on your own. Add a little appropriate imaging and you're all set.

On the promotion front, down in Greenville, SC - WROQ put together a great web feature (and might have picked up a few NTR dollars) of gift ideas for both men and women here. KCFX/Kansas City also appears to have picked up NTR revenue with The Guy's Guide To Valentines Day here. On more than a few Clear Channel station websites appears this Valentine's Day feature.

KGGO in Des Moines is inviting couples to either get married or renew their vows en masse on Valentine's Day. What TV news crew could resist covering this?

The Jones Radio satellite-fed Classic Rock format is celebrating with "rock's greatest tracks about love and lust" - plus giving away copies of The Beatles "Love" and Rhino's "Love Sucks" collection. KSLX/Phoenix has packaged up goodies from the prize closet as "Valentine Day Emergency Packs".

Coming up Saturday, March 17th: St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Jim Morrison Headstone Rubbing

Found today while surfing the web. Its a chance for this station's listeners to win a print of a "rubbing" of Jim Morrison's headstone. What?

Bizarre. Unusual. Different.

I'm sure the prize was free to the station for not much more than mentions. Check out the official Jim Douglas Morrison "rubbing" website here.

Frozen In The Midwest

The topic on the minds of most in these parts right now is the weather. And after a week of sub-zero temperatures, cabin fever is beginning to affect the mood of many.

The time is ripe for a theme weekend - and play songs that sing of heat, warmth, summer, sun, the beach, the ocean, etc. Brainstorm with the rest of the staff to come up with the titles and imaging ideas. Have fun with it. When was the last time you had any better reason to play Diamond Dave's rendition of "California Girls" - or any real Beach Boys?

How 'bout a "indoor beach party" at a local club? There's a lot of your audience thats been stuck inside for almost a week now - with no definite end in sight.
Do it now while the weather is relevant.

And btw - just 30 miles from my home in Michigan, it did freeze over this winter:

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Guerilla Marketing 101 - 2007 Edition

Based on the recent Cartoon Network debacle in Boston, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert is now thinking twice about some out-of-the-box tactics to promote his show:

Benchmarks: KCFX/Kansas City

One of our favorite classic rock stations over the years has been KCFX/Kansas City - better known locally at 101 The Fox.

KCFX is a radio station that really "gets it"...relates to its market, its audience and the music it plays. It also doesn't hurt that the station has been the flagship of the Kansas City Chiefs since 1991...and when the Chiefs are having a great season you feel it on the air. That's plugged-in!

But the station has other assets that allow it to excel outside the NFL season. Its daytime "at work" listening hours have been covered by the same two veteran air talents for many years.

Middays are handled by "Frankie", who has a relaxed conversational style; chats about herself, local landmarks and hang-outs - and the listeners she talks to on the phone. Skid Roadie covers afternoon drive with a lot of the same attributes as Frankie. Throughout the workday, KCFX has quite a few "benchmark" features that they plug starting in AM drive. From the station website:

10am: Sixty-Minute Commercial Free Rock Block
Noon: Frankie's "Free For All" Lunch Request Hour*
2pm: Roadie's "2 at 2" Artist trivia and a deep cut
3pm: My Three Songs. Listener contest to determine correct theme of 3 songs
6pm: Six O'Clock Shuffle. One listener select five songs in hour*
*listener created content

More excuses to listen longer. More reasons for "appointment listening". More reasons to remember your call letters/slogan. We might add also that KCFX doesn't go to "auto-pilot" after 7pm - and instead remains a living, breathing radio station talking to the city with live air talent. KCFX "gets it".

Monday, February 5, 2007

First Listen: 94.7 The Globe

This past Friday, All Access reported that CBS Classic Rock WARW/Washington, DC was been relaunched with a World Class Rock approach as "94.7 The Globe". This follows the exit of WARW PD Max Dugan earlier in the week. The rest of the airstaff remains. A new Program Director has yet to be named.

Musically, the station resembles a AAA/Classic Rock hybrid - similar to that of sister station WZGC/Atlanta. CBS has promised that 94.7 The Globe will become "green-focused", utilizing renewable energy to power its signal; and will further take this green approach both on and off air, promoting ways for listeners to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Edison Media's Sean Ross - writing on his blog - asks "is the environment now a rock radio niche?" Sean
offers his thoughts and provides a peek at an hour of music here.