Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whats Up?

Good Morning from Okemos. If you're a regular reader to this blog, you've likely noticed the lack of new posts in recent weeks. I finally went full force with my spare time to finally launch, (albeit in beta form), my hobby internet radio station:

The station just thinks its a brewpub. LOL.

No liners or imaging yet; just working on music rotations and streaming issues. Put together a temporary web page in the last day or two...eventually there will be either an embedded player or a player launched from the site itself.

And I rediscovered the joy of scheduling music! The station is somewhere between classic rock, classic hits and AAA, not certain what the ultimate destination will be.

Still have lots of holes in the library - ripping and loading tunes as I can.
Reception reports welcome. Listen here.

Back to the blog soon. Have a great 2009!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quote Of The Week

All Regulars:

I've been very busy for the past week and more (details forthcoming) and hope to get back to regular posting asap. Meanwhile - let me offer you words from Tim Cuprisin, writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - in this story about the departure of Chicago's Steve Dahl:

"Ironically, as local radio competes with the Internet, iPods and satellite, it should be going more local. After all, that's the product it uses to sell listeners to advertisers."

"But in an effort to cut costs - a move sped up by the worsening economy - radio's dropping the personalities who connect it to the audience. The short-term benefit can't help the longtime health of the radio biz."


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bill Drake

25° - light snow at 7:20am

No one can overlook Bill Drake's influence.
The man who brought the industry the idea of a focused playlist, talent and execution. A formula that has been a part of every modern-day radio format. Without Bill Drake....what?

Aside from airchecks, my only direct listening to a "Bill Drake" format (growing up in Chicago) was when one of Bill's syndicated RKO formats found its way to WFYR/Chicago when it debuted in 1973. WFYR used the famous KHJ top of hour ramp-up/ID. Wonderful.

That said - in reality, I heard Bill Drake everywhere. There's been lots of tributes and memories to Bill written in the last day. Scroll down and find them

this morning, Fred Jacobs offered his thoughts on the late Mr. Drake:

"Drake was the guy who brought discipline and tight music lists to radio. In many ways, radio programming has devolved in recent years to a point where Drake couldn't have liked what he heard. I never met the guy, but I did some work for Paul Drake and Rick Sklar in the '70s - both of whom were Drake disciples and/or heavily influenced by his doctrines. They were both tough programmers, strict disciplinarians, and insistent that a station's sound and packaging be executed to the letter."

"Drake's style of radio was big, bold, and exciting - very different from how much of radio is perceived and programmed today. Drake stations didn't apologize - they were leaders, they set the tone, and they made hits. They were also disciplined - during the day, at night, and on the weekends. When so many stations today are mailing it in, and hoping no one notices, those Drake Top 40 stations sounded tight and bright whenever you tuned them in. It was all about the presentation."

All about the presentation. Thank you Bill Drake.

Added: John Gorman offers a great piece on the late Mr. Drake here.