Friday, February 16, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Left: yours truly circa 1973. PM drive/Highland Park, IL. Age 17.

NASCAR's Daytona 500 happens on Sunday. With the news of cheating in recent days, Fox Television should enjoy some great numbers (I detected a bit of gloating on Fox News Channel this morning). And your morning show been talking about this, yes?

Caught this on Mark Ramsey's site this morning: "Jack is also a TV channel". Great stuff. Reminded me of some other ways stations are using You Tube: A couple months back, longtime friend Tom Becka (KFAB/Omaha) sent me this link to his "behind the scenes" video. A great example of breaking down that wall between performer and audience...something David Letterman taught us all on Late Night back in the 80s.

WCSX/Detroit has posted a whole lot of video as a listener resource on their website. And its hard to ignore the video resources Clear Channel has on many of their station websites.

Late Friday Update: Mark Ramsey writes more on this topic and offers this NY Times article.

I appreciate all the kind comments and constructive feedback I've received in the past week. It means a lot. Have a great weekend.


Roger said...

Dan, what a great picture of you on the air at WVVX in Highland Park, IL! Look at what's in the photo...the Ampex reel to reel; the rotary phone; the board with dial pots; the Shure microphone (with cigarette burns on the foam as I recall); and of course, the turntable all cued up and ready to go.

We've seen so many changes within the span of our careers!

With this blog you've started, I see that you are ready to embrace the changes yet to come.

Good work, Dan!

Roger Rafson

Dan Kelley said...

Actually, that was a Crown reel-to-reel. You wanted to keep your fingers away when it was rewinding. The Ampex 350 was in the production room....LOL. Those were fun days my friend and a wonderful experience for high school kids like you and me - something that I doubt happens much today.