Friday, March 23, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

This morning, I'm listening to the Bob & Tom Show (via the web) and an interview/acoustic studio performance with REO Speedwagon. Great radio.

I remember playing these guys on the radio starting with the REO/TWO album in 1973. They've got a new CD package hitting stores in April that includes a DVD.

Streaming Rates Explained. Boulder's SBR Creative Media has put together a white paper PDF read on how the new copyright rates affect webcasting. Its a great reference piece. Find it here.

Meanwhile - Mark Ramsey writes here about "The Coming Internet Radio Boom".

We noted a few days ago the passing of Calvert DeForest. Check out
this classic 1983 Larry "Bud" Melman clip from Late Night with David Letterman.

More here Sunday.

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