Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Last Night I read Lee Abrams' latest blog entry - and where he shares a memo from the early days of XM on the topic of creating memorable names for features and programming. Lee makes the point that "Historically, crazed inventive names GET REMEMBERED, and enhance your image." Its a great read.

With this thinking in mind: I've always liked the idea of creating memorable names for on-air staff. They can project an image and go a long way to burn your brand into the brains of your listeners.

One station doing this well is Clear Channel's WNRQ/Nashville. Listen to this line-up of air talent: "John Boy & Billy" (syndicated) in the morning; "Proud Mary" in middays; "Joe Elvis" does afternoons; "Squeegie" at night. The weekend line-up includes "Jimmy The K".

On my last station,
we had "The Hippy", "Joey Pants", "Beagle" - and I was known as "Dead Air Dan" (which just slightly fit me...lol). Memorable names. Right: Dead Air Dan's webphoto (photo actually a young Bill Gates circa 1975).

Obviously you wouldn't want to change the name of an established air talent in your market. But think about it next time you make a new hire. Added: Lee Arnold on this topic here.

Back to Lee: a guy who shares excellent ideas, killer memos and great stories. Spend some time on his blog and check out his video on "XM Diversity". It may change the way you see your radio station. The link is close to the top on the right column under multimedia.

As a footnote: I spent a couple of hours with Lee during his days between ABC Radio (Z Rock, etc.) and the start-up of XM. Had to be 1998. My (then) Capstar regional VP Scott Parsons brought him in to visit. Lee had pages upon pages of his Z-Rock programming memos and notes with him - and allowed me to copy them. I still cherish them - and many of those Z-Rock ideas can still be adapted today to formats like classic rock and AOR. Thanks to Lee Abrams for continuing to share.

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