Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Left: Downtown Okemos - at 11am today... and a view of The Travelers Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum (really). Partly sunny and 60°. Nice.

Watch friends and co-workers today. It is April 1st! Pass along a link to this Seth Godin post to any parent you know.

Imaging = 2 Million Dollars.
McVay Media's Dave Lange here
on treating your imaging as if its a $2 million investment. Thank you Dave.

Another Great Read. Find out what you love and dedicate yourself to it. More here and a recommended book from ChaosScenario.

Booger! WKRP Season One out on DVD April 27th with most of the original music licensed and restored. Finally!

Read more details with unrestrained enthusiasm from Lee Arnold here.

And now (seems like) our weekly WDRV/Chicago post:

Rick Kaempfer. This week, Rick's Chicago Radio Spotlight shines on WDRV PM Driver Phil Manicki. Click here.

More WDRV. They've got a couple of new TV spots. Great visuals and excellent VO work by (has to be) Nick Michaels.

Check both spots out here.

No Soup For You! Just for fun - video below of Larry Thomas on the air last year with Jim Kerr/Q1043 in NYC. Is that an aquarium over in the corner? Too cool! Looks like a comfy studio to work in.

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