Friday, April 20, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Where did the week go?

Listening this morning to Cincinnati's WOFX (92.5/The Fox); they're recycling an hour of Bob & Tom into middays (10-11am)....not a "best of" hour - but the 6am hour from earlier in the morning.

This blog: Appreciate the comments this past week from more than a handful of readers. Its a labor of love for the format and the industry while I search for my next great opportunity.

Another blog: Randy Raley. Former midwest AOR jock turned self-described "sales slug". In this post he talks about the "art of backtiming". Sometimes we still have to do that! Very nice!

Two notes.
Seth Godin. Classic rock listener. Short post but cool.

The Need For "Code Red":
As the Virginia Tech story was unfolding the other night - I heard one cable news network explain a little about their own "code red" procedure - how everyone on staff is alerted and brought into the fold when a major news story breaks.

Anyone on your staff including overnight board ops, sales assistants - whoever - need to be empowered to contact a key management person when they hear of something it news or weather related - or an on-air personality crisis. At 10am on Wednesday or 3am on Sunday. And even if it turns out to be insignificant, they should be thanked and encouraged to do it again.

In this recent post, McVay Media's Dave Lange writes about two recent situations that radio had to respond to. One external (Virginia Tech); and another internal (Imus). Dave makes a great point about having a plan and being ready to take quick action.

Code Red: How are key players notified? Who? Think GM, OM, PDs, News, GSM, Engineering, etc. What situations might justify a quick call to your consultant? Its just having a clear plan with everyone on board. Put your thoughts together and take them to your GM.

Rant: Beyond Code Red. I mentioned above that any staff person should be empowered to notify key management on critical situations. In today's environment of automated - often unattended radio - especially on nights and weekends - every staff person should be encouraged to contact designated management when they hear something wrong on the it dead air to outdated commercial copy.

I can't express the level of frustration - after I've personally heard and resolved a situation...only to be told (by an AE, receptionist, whoever) that "I heard that same problem" (hours prior) - but didn't call anyone...figuring "someone else" would take care of it.

Insert Sam Kinison scream here. Rant mode now off.

Have a great weekend. More here Sunday morning.

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