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Welcome to the beginning of another great week!

Did you catch the 400th episode of "The Simpsons" last night?

Aside from a few barbs at Fox News, we saw some not-so-subtle commentary on new media vs. old; and FCC troubles for a news anchor (who reinvents himself via video blogging).

The Shock Jock - Again.
I've noted here for some time now that the times are a changin'; its a new age - and that the days of the shock jock, at least on broadcast radio - and given Opie and Anthony's XM suspension - perhaps on satellite too.

Its all too easy these days
to raise of ire of the public (whether they listen or not) and that makes for nervous ownership and shy advertisers. Words come back to haunt with email, bloggers and You Tube.

Mike Austerman - on Michiguide.Com offers some commentary here with "Edgy Antics On Air Aren't Funny - They're Bullying". And broadcaster/blogger Jon Robbins offers a dose of reality with the money angle here.

This morning in his Radio-Info.Com debut -
Tom Taylor notes that "Opie & Anthony had a good week" (on their CBS show). "They've got to steady their franchise, keep turning in solid shows that are FCC-friendly." Tom adds "Last week - after getting suspended at XM - they sounded focused and funny on CBS."

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Added: Lee Abrams on "Being In-Synch With Culture Shifts". This is what its all about. Read here.

Have heard a couple of broadcasters - owned by separate groups - streaming their complete local on-air commercial inventory. I'm guessing they want Arbitron credit for online listening during the spring book. And the flow of the streaming program is much improved without the abrupt, jerky sound of alternate internet-only audio insertion.


Ozzy Osbourne on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live

Later This Week:

Tuesday (5/22) Ozzy Osbourne (again) on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel
Thursday (5/24) Patti Smith on CBS-TV's Craig Ferguson
Memorial Day Weekend

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