Monday, May 14, 2007

The Start Of A Great Week

Left: Downtown Lansing Riverwalk

Cloudy/53° here at 10am

A good read this morning here from McVay Media's Dave Lange on "The ART of Coaching". Dave points out "In today's world we often don't have the time for real coaching" - with PDs doing an airshift plus overseeing 2 or 3 stations. I've been in that position far too many times.

As a PD - after coaching a talent to a new level - I get a real rush listening to him or her - especially if everything else flows: the music, the imaging, the execution. When all the ingredients of a great product come together, there's no better feeling. Do read Dave's piece.

Later This Week:

Wednesday (5/16): Pet Sounds/Beach Boys - released 1966
Wednesday (5/16): Blonde On Blonde/Bob Dylan - released 1966
Friday (5/18): Elvis Costello on CBS-TV's David Letterman

Have a great Monday.

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