Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free Gas

83° - Sunny at 11:30am

Good Morning from Michigan.

Gimme Gas. I'm real surprised we haven't seen more free or even "98 cent" gas promotions in the past month or two.

Given the dollars it takes to fill up your gas tank (nearly $80 for my family mini-van), gas promos are sure to hit a hot button w/listeners.

But some are taking advantage of the buzz about gas prices:

KMJX/Little Rock is giving away gas every Friday. Here. Likewise, KSLX/Phoenix has Free Gas Fridays with $100 gas cards plus BOC/Steppenwolf tix. Here.

KDBN/Dallas is giving away free tanks of gas plus the grand prize of free gas for a year. Sweet. Here.

KFMF/Chico is generating some remote revenue with free gas for a year signups. Be a hero and pass along an idea to your sales manager.

Free Gas "Treasure Hunt". Here's a twist: KRXQ/Sacramento is sticking logo magnets all over town - 8000 so far.

There be prizes on them magnets - including $50 gas cards plus one that has "free gas for a year". Details

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