Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Monday

More for Monday.

Left my radio and ear buds in the car before hopping the ferry to Milwaukee yesterday - just didn't want something else to drag/keep track of on top of cell phone and camera. But that didn't keep me away from classic rock.

While ordering a burger and a brew at Milwaukee's
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery - the pub's sound system was cranking out the classic rock. Mostly the hits - from someone's "safe list" - but a few surprises too - such as "Paper Sun" by Traffic.

Sitting there - thoroughly enjoying the moment - I noted three words on the beer menu sitting on the bar:
"crafted with passion".

Taking a sip of my Rock Bottom Raccoon Red Ale (excellent), those three words reminded me again that great radio stations are crafted with passion. Passion that assembles all the right ingredients in the right way - and produces a great product. And it starts at the top. Needs to.

I've known some great brewmasters over the years; both in pubs and (as PDs) in radio stations - and they've been led by great pub owners or general managers.

Also had a chance to (finally) pick up Seth Godin's latest "The Dip" yesterday. A great read. Thank you Seth.

The ferry ride was somewhere close to perfect; though today I'm feeling some pain from sunburn and perhaps windburn. I was one of maybe a dozen who spent most of the time on the top deck; and that wind really blows when you're doing 34 knots!

The ride - both ways - was relaxing - and the Lake Express people are pros who have it together. Pulling into Muskegon last night under stars and moonlight was awesome!

I plan to put up a new blog soon on that experience - with photos for the benefit of anyone thinking of making that trek.

Speaking of Milwaukee: Lee Arnold - on his blog - has some great Summer of Love links plus a great piece on the Father of Woodstock: Artie Kornfeld. Cool stuff to check out.

And Lee notes that Artie is available for interviews.

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