Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

Sunny & 65° at 11am

Good Morning...random notes from my blogosphere:

Are you boring?
No, not you - your station. Dave Lange of McVay Media has some great ideas to help get something going on - here.

Station fashion. Back on Monday, Fred Jacobs writes here about the evolution of radio station logo-wear - or rather the lack thereof. Mentions HBO's Entourage (one of my few television priorities each week) and the line of clothing created from the show.

This morning, Jacobs Media debuts their
new website. Congrats to Fred and their in-house specialist Tim Davis.

Road Trip. Nine years ago last Friday, Lee Abrams drove from Dallas for the start-up of XM Radio. In this blog post, Lee remembers brainstorming, notes on napkins, camping out in a conference room and more.

There's nothing like a start-up and I've been fortunate enough as a programmer to do as many start-ups as I have fingers; a few more as just an air talent. Each one provided a rush that could never be duplicated by any other means. And there's that moment when the first book comes in...

Keeping up with indecency. Last Friday - after almost a year since legislation was passed - the FCC issued its order to increase fines for indecency....the dreaded $325,000 per occurance.

Then on Monday, the US Court of Appeals threw out the FCC indecency fines as "arbitrary and capricious" - and rightfully so. Broadcast attorney David Oxenford offers more on the Broadcast Law Blog

Sidenote: David has played a role in some of my start-ups in the past!

Have a great Wednesday.

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