Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

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Happy Wednesday...from my blogosphere:

It's all about the audience.
McVay Media's Dave Lange offers up some thoughts for programmers to pass along to their air talent. Read here.

So easy even a consultant can do it. The Geico caveman campaign comes to my mind when I heard this promo (and commentary) passed along by Fred Jacobs.

All in good fun Fred!

Inventory: While writing about Google selling adtime, Greater Media President/CEO Peter H. Smyth asks "How much inventory is enough, and how much is too much?"

Peter comments: "radio is still flush with too many commercial units. For the long term health of the business, we have to address this problem."

As a programmer - I've had my battles over adding units: sometimes successful, sometimes not. Protecting the product a part of the job.

Peter also writes: "
Long term, more inventory doesn't create added profit; it simply reduces the selling price." Read Peter's column here. Pass it up the chain. It all gets down to leadership; and Peter Smyth sounds like a great one to work under.

Classic Rockin' A to Z. I'm likely wrong - but I don't think a top three market radio station has done A to Z in the last five years or more.

Chicago's WDRV kicks off A to Z this Friday - and its going to be interesting to see what effect this might have on the station's spring numbers.

A to Z is usually a AQH magnet.

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