Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Monday

63° - sunny & clear at 9am

The start of another great week.

Morning Drive starts at 5.
In many markets. Run hour-by-hour in Maximizer. Get up, hop in the car and drive your market starting at 5. (when was the last time you did that?)

Dave Beasing of Jacobs Media notes:
"5 AM listening levels aren’t much less than in afternoon drive". Read more here.

Added: McVay Media's Dave Lange posted a great piece this morning about what "getting local" in your community really is. Its not just fund-raisers and marathons. Read here.

Added: Dave Martin continues his excellent management series. "We focus not on the goal but on the gap." "What must we do to reach the goal?" More here - including some words from Dave about Merv.

Talent hiring tip - from consultant Mike Donovan
(via Harv Blain): "Out of the blue in an interview or while sitting around chatting ask the potential talent to tell you a story. It’s been a great indicator as to one of the main abilities for a great morning host."

"And almost every time I or the clients have tried it, it’s been an eye opening experience."

Radio needs great storytellers; anybody can play the tunes. And thanks to Harv for the kind mention over the weekend!

Refresh your packaging. When was the last time you put on a new coat of paint? Mark Ramsey offers some comments here based on a recent New York Times article.

Fall book starts September 20th.

More Beasing. Lots of ideas and thoughts from Dave in his latest "Beasing Buzz" from Jacobs Media here.

Van Halen.
Press conference to officially announce dates scheduled for 2pm eastern today from the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

And via Mr. Beasing
: a quote from one of my fav actors: "People still come up to me and call me 'Pig Vomit', which is delightful" - Paul Giamatti

Paul has been awesome in so many great flicks since his role in "Private Parts". His performances in "Man On The Moon", "American Splendor" and "Sideways" immediately come to mind.

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