Friday, August 17, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Happy Friday from Okemos

New Bruce.
Via Underground Garage affiliate guy Mark Felsot: a new CD from Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - titled "Magic" - is scheduled for an October 2nd release.

Longtime Springsteen producer Jon Landau labels the album as a "high energy rock CD". More

This (hopefully) means an album more radio-friendly than "The Seger Sessions" - and is likely a release classic rock radio should embrace and celebrate. Consider it as part of your fall programming plans.

Mike Bettelli. Yesterday, this blog suggested spending a day outside the station listening to both your own station and the competition. In this week's FMQB, The Jones Radio programmer/consultant writes:

"A critical part of the job of programming is to know and understand the competition. How much inventory do they air every hour? Are the other morning shows in your market more entertaining, relevant, or higher rated than yours? Maybe you’ll need more resources to level the playing field – especially with regard to talent. It is also possible that your talent can be improved with a little coaching and more tools."

Read Mike's entire piece

Tom Taylor: "One last thing about Yankee broadcaster Phil Rizzuto, who died this week at 89: His contribution to Meat Loaf’s epic “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” about young love (or lust) helped make the song the overblown (and perfect) production that’s a staple of classic rock."

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More here Sunday Morning. Have a good weekend.

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