Friday, November 23, 2007

Alice's Restaurant Still Rocks....

28° - sunny at 10:38am

Welcome to Black Friday.
No I did not get to the mall at 4am; I actually slept 'til 9.

If any PD or GM has their doubts
as to whether their Classic Rock station should be airing Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" on Thanksgiving Day - here's some totally unscientific data to ponder.

To preface:
over the past week, I've written about special Thanksgiving Day programming stations around the country were offering - and that includes those stations that have promoted the airplay of Arlo's 1967 18:20 masterpiece. Writings on this blog are indexed by search engines such as Google and a few others.

On a normal weekday - this blog typically receives 85 to 125 unique visitors. Saturday and Sunday about half that.

Yesterday a holiday, I was expecting weekend visitor levels - if that much.

Surprise: the "unique visitor" numbers were more than double their usual weekday levels. Most were first time visitors too. All new cume!

And the search engine "keywords" that brought them here were all a variation on "Alice's Restaurant" on station XXXX.

A small example of those searches is on the right.
Pretty cool to see!

It's something to think about when putting together plans for next year's Thanksgiving Day programming - especially if you were a classic rock station and passed on airing Alice's Restaurant yesterday.

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