Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

38° - clear at 12:53pm

Happy Sunday. Next week the routine returns to normal. Whatever normal is.

Wireless router troubles this morning. Signal kept disappearing. The hammer was a passing thought. This happens once or twice a week and requires powering the router off and on a few times before it gets stable. A replacement on my wish list; perhaps one with built-in DSL modem.

Friday I wrote about Consultant Jay Mitchell and his new blog. Jay's blog has in fact turned me on to another great blog: Greg Cavanaugh's Triple A Tunes.

In his latest post - Greg writes about Bob Seger - and Tom Petty - and how Classic Rock Radio largely ignored their recent releases. Well...some did/some didn't.

Check out Greg's blog

This blog:
due for a facelift (new imaging!). Have been looking for a new template to freshen things up but nothing has caught my eye.

Listening this morning - between wireless outages - to WDRV's Bob Stroud (as usual); this morning highlighting the year 1973. Bob played Cheech & Chong's "Basketball Jones".
Its been decades since I've heard that!

And yesterday I was sent an MP3 (dubbed from vinyl) of the late 70s Canadian prog rock band "FM" and their album "Black Noise". Something else I haven't heard for at least a few decades; and an album I played on the radio when it was new. Very tasty stuff!

More music: Randy Raley has been writing about his Top 100 albums of all-time; plus his "one-hit wonders" - reminding me of some great music long-forgotten. Scroll down on his blog here.

TV: Caught promos last night on The History Channel for a new special on the year 1968 - hosted by Tom Brokaw to debut on December 9th. I've marked my calendar. Read more here.

Back to radio tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the read. I will be busy following your links,they loo interesting.

Want to help a great singer?

Jim Baldwin
Spokane WA

Dan Kelley said...


I do support your cause regarding Melanie; but your continued comments submitted to this blog have been little more than spam for the "LetHerIn" website.

Most of the time I've simply deleted them.

You're welcome to contribute and comment on the topics presented here, but you've made your point regarding Melanie.


Cara said...

Just read this post. I had similar router problems - in fact, same router in your picture w/the hammer. I just replaced it with an "Airport Extreme" from apple. I have a mac and my husband has a toshiba - omg, what an improvement. And, now we have the ability to print wirelessly. Nice. Wish I would have done this years ago. Pricey, but worth every penny!