Friday, November 2, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Happy Weekend.
The big game here in town tomorrow: Michigan vs. Michigan State. Good luck finding cheap tickets to this one!

Knowing Your Market.
Dave Lange writes this morning:

"Every market IS unique. I've worked in over 100 markets as a programmer, VP of Programming or consultant and there are obvious and clear differences in each one of them."

"If you don't take a careful and long look at all the factors in the 'market environment' you are going to leave audience, images, and dollars on the table that if wasted will limit your growth. It's also important to look at the competition and see who has impacted the audience and for what reason. For the real successful stations in always goes beyond 'the music position or mix.'"

Dave's entire post is here.

What If: Paragon Media's Bob Harper ponders:

"Why - when we know things of all kinds naturally clump together - do radio stations build music clocks that keep artists or song types equally separated? Why is our music so tidy in a messy world?"

"What is so crazy about four Elton Johns in two hours? Why do we let the software play fewer George Strait oldies when he has a top Current; at just the time listeners are probably more interested in the artist, not less? Which of Newton’s laws says you can’t play two Powers back-to-back sometimes?"

Bob Harper blogs here.

Spoof Our TV Commercial. Very cool - from CILQ/Toronto. Fans of the station have been doing their versions of the station's new TV spots. And the station is posting them along with the originals on their website. Check out the galleries here.

Also from CILQ: Guitar Lesson videos on the web from PM driver Kim Mitchell. This is very clever and is a great example of what a little imagination can do. See the videos here.

I'm betting Kim Mitchell was stoked about doing these videos too. The cost: almost nothing!

Led Zeppelin Reunion: Postponed. All Access reporting today:

"Hard rock icons LED ZEPPELIN have postponed their reunion concert from NOV. 26th to DEC. 10th, as guitarist JIMMY PAGE recuperates from a fractured finger. The band will still headline The AHMET ERTEGUN Tribute Concert at The O2 Arena in LONDON; it will be their first performance together in 19 years."

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