Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flashback! comes To TV Land

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Classic Rock's FLASHBACK has come to TV.
Well - at least in spirit.

One of its production concepts (or "ear candy") appears to be influencing the present imaging campaign running on TV Land.

FLASHBACK - a syndicated longtime weekend staple of many a classic rock station for over 20 years - has been well known to combine music and sound bites together in themes. TV Land has taken this concept to their present on-air promos - combining 1980-era pop hits with TV clips - all taken from different TV Land shows - all with a common theme.

Some themes seen over the past week include "Who Can It Be Now" by Men At Work and "Breakin' The Law" by Judas Priest. My wife and I frequently watch M*A*S*H reruns on the channel...

Congrats to the original team at Radio Today Entertainment - who introduced FLASHBACK to the world via NBC's Source Radio Network back in the early 80s; and continues running to this day with original host Bill St. James via the ABC Radio Network.

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Charles Radliff said...

I've been noticing the Flashback concept in a lot of places--and I like it.