Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Monday

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Welcome to the work week.

If I may recommend some reading today - its a couple of pieces that I read with my morning coffee. I believe that you'll get something out of each and find a common theme.

First this by Fred Jacobs - which includes:

"Traditional media is getting the message loud and clear, and their corporate bosses are removing the handcuffs. More and more are investing in digital content, and specifically, video efforts. Radio simply has to get on board this fast moving bus and to do so, needs to develop talent that can translate its great audio content into video streams. More and more, stations that have launched CGM contests are finding to their pleasant surprise that there are incredible young "craftspeople," skilled in video production and editing, living in their markets."

And then this long piece from Seth Godin - which includes:

"To succeed in the old days, here's what you needed to do (choose any two!):

1. Grab a piece of the electromagnetic spectrum, hopefully one limited by the government

2. Buy up the supply of actors or writers
3. Establish long term profitable relationships with distributors and retail outlets

Welcome to a new century. In the new century, we all have the same goal:

1. Establish a direct and positive relationship with the end user.

It sounds easy. It's not. It's scary. It's likely to wreck your business before it saves it. Doesn't matter. The truth is: businesses that don't aggressively pursue this tactic will disappear."

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