Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

32° -cloudy at 1:06pm

Been up since 5:30 or so. Working the day job from home.

Listening: Since 8am (ET) to Bob Stroud on WDRV with "Rock 'N Roll Roots". Seaver on The Drive right now. Good tunes.

Been listening:
To Lee Arnold's WORJ.COM much more frequently as of late. Always hearing oh-wow songs that bring my head back to certain points of my career. Lots of stuff I played on the radio when it was originally released.

I can recall the album and label art when I hear some songs - can picture them playing on that big old Gates 16" turntable (or in some cases - a Technics SP-10).

Lee surprised me late Friday afternoon with a track from Renaissance - and did I hear some Splinter in the last day too?

He programs from home with automation and music scheduling software. Very impressive.

Still contemplating my own Live 365 station; discussed the possibility with a potential partner-in-crime this past week.

Speaking of Mr. Arnold:
I did finish reading "WHOoPLA: The Greatest Rock Radio Stunt Ever" - written by V. Scott Beddome. You feel the drama, pain and triumph with the words written by Scott.

Read the entire book online

Could something like this still happen in today's corporate environment? Perhaps. But given that there's so few real rock wars happening anywhere these days there's little incentive.

Rick Kaempfer:
Overlooked this last Sunday. Rick's Chicago Radio Spotlight was on WLUP/Chicago night talent "Byrd".

Byrd's story is pretty awesome: from International Falls, Minnesota to Chicago - with stops at KSHE/St. Louis; 98 Rock/Baltimore; KOMP/Las Vegas - plus airwork north of the border. Read Rick's interview here.

Amazed. Still by the number of classic rock stations that did nothing special for Christmas - and apparently nothing special for New Years Eve/New Years Day. All it takes is a little effort and imagination.

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