Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back To Work...

-5° (minus 5) - light snow at 11:19pm
left: just daydreaming

Up a little after five this morning to shovel three more inches of the white stuff off the driveway and sidewalks; thats about 9 inches of snow since it started falling New Year's Eve.

I can now scratch "exercise" off my 2008 "to do" list...hehe.

Great piece: Consultant Alan Mason has a great blog; I've mentioned that here before. In his latest post - Alan writes of "brand "harmony". Read here.

Think overall concept between your on-air product, your off-air activities - including your web presence? A great piece to include in your first management meeting of the year.

Who decides/approves final concepts?
Who approves where your logo appears outside the station? Who approves what outside charity organizations the station gets behind? A few questions to ponder; I'm sure you can come up with a longer list.

And while we're at it:
Take this to your next discussion with your webmaster. Seth Godin via Mark Ramsey on "three secrets to web traffic". Nothing you don't know already - but a reminder to help focus priorities in the coming year. Good stuff.

Classic Rock (on) Shuffle? Tuning around the 'net this past weekend - I heard one classic rock station running jockless during primetime driving/shopping hours; promoting itself as "being on shuffle".

Is this a term ("shuffle") a 35+ classic rock listener relates to?

And would you really want it known that "the computer" is playing all the songs - instead of giving the impression of a "handcrafted" music mix put together by an on-air personality? Just asking.

Perhaps the real reason was to give staff time off; great for the staff - but bad for the product. If anything - voice tracking would have been a better opinion.

Late Nite Additions: Santa wins. Might be old news now - but Christmas music kicks in Philadelphia and Houston in new PPM numbers released on Monday. WBEB/Philadelphia - already #1 - nearly doubles its 6+ numbers going wall-to-wall holiday tunes.

In Houston - KODA enjoys a hefty cume increase with Santa. Survey period was 11/15-12/12.

Late Night TV: Dave, Jay and Conan are back tonight with fresh shows. Dave with writers....Jay and Conan winging it. Hmmm...what to watch?????

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