Friday, January 11, 2008

KYYS/Kansas City now "The Boulevard"

35° - overcast at 9:50pm

KYYS Web Statement? Certainly there was a better way to begin this message to former listeners. Looks like a cut and paste from someone's memo..."here's the web statement..."

/Kansas City signed off at 1pm today - after playing Billy Squier's "In The Dark". And then "The Boulevard" signed on with Jackson Browne's song of the same name.

Entercom Market Manager Dave Alpert was quoted in All Access:
"It had nothing to do with the staff - it was all about two stations playing the same music."

With the change - some legendary air talent is on the street with the change...including longtime AM drive talent Max Floyd.

Floyd signed on the original 102.1 KYYS as PD in 1974 after coming to the market from the same post at then-AOR KLZ-FM/Denver.

Following a format flip on the 102.1 frequency in 1997 - KYYS was resurrected on the 99.7 frequency with most of the former 102.1 staff joining including Floyd.

Randy Raley remembers KYYS - including the KY102 days - here.

But with the end of one format is the beginning of another. 99.7 The Boulevard debuted at 1pm - here's the first hour of music:
  • Boulevard/Jackson Brown (1980)
  • Beautiful Day/U2 (2000)
  • Hey Nineteen/Steely Dan (1980)
  • Refugee/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (1980)
  • Madman Across The Water/Elton John (1971)
  • One Headlight/Wallflowers (1996)
  • Sunshine Of Your Love/Cream (1967)
  • While You See A Chance/Steve Winwood (1980)
  • Blinded By The Light/Bruce Springsteen (1973)
  • Losing My Religion/REM (1991)
  • One Of These Nights/Eagles (1976)
  • Train In Vain/The Clash (1980)
  • Suffragette City/David Bowie (1972)
Sounds like a great mix of music. While I hate to hear of some legendary calls going away - The first hour of the Boulevard sounds like a radio station I could easily listen to. I'll be listening over the weekend. Added: My thoughts on first listen here.

And - when The Boulevard hires an airstaff - there's some choice local legendary talent formerly on 99.7/KYYS available that might just fit in fine with the new approach....just a thought.


The Beer Jockey said...

Okay- maybe off topic or off the wall .... Why the name Boulevard?

If I were John McDonald of the Local Brewery by this name I'd take it as a late Christmas Present!

My early listen sounds good- but candidly Public radio 90.1 , 90.9 and others across the web offer great music with background and insights plus No ads all the time- why do I need this formula station? And who is the Corporation behind it??

Bonemaster said...

We liked the previous 99.7 format more than the current KY format. We could turn the radio on and listen to music from the time we woke up until we got to work with few commercials or dj speak. All we here now is talking. No thanks.

Dan Kelley said...

Bonemaster...not sure what you're referring to as the company that owns 99.7 dropped "The Boulevard" name and format in recent weeks; and in fact the KYYS call letters have not been used on 99.7 in over a year.

Anonymous said...

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