Sunday, January 20, 2008

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On Saturday I wrote here Mark Ramsey's recent comments on positioning.

Mark suggesting asking: "
Who are we and what do we stand for?"

Yours truly added "
You've got to demonstrate it with your programming and actions."

Tonight while waiting for the Green Bay/New York game to start, I caught
this post by consultant Alan Mason:

"Whatever your positioning statement, you’re making a promise that your listeners are expecting you to prove."

"When a station offers “the best mix,” it’s promising to play a greater variety of music than other stations. That’s an implicit promise. When you have something like the Magic 107.7 Promise, where they talked about not playing songs with bad lyrics or have DJ’s without off color comments, that’s an explicit promise."

"Think about it. Your station is making a promise of some kind, and if you’re not proving it, your listeners aren’t buying it. That means you’re losing credibility, and that means you’re going to be losing loyalty. Not sure about you, but that’s not a good combination from where I sit."

Thank you Alan.

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