Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

+7° mostly cloudy at 10:24am

To my usual Sunday Morning radio. Beatle cover tunes this week on Bob Stroud's WDRV show. 44th anniversary of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" hitting the US single charts.

Bob naturally played Joe Cocker's "With A Little Help From My Friends". Saw Joe sing that in the Woodstock film last night on TV.

Lost classics heard yesterday:
"No Time To Lose'' by The Tarney-Spencer Band. Heard as internet fill on Chicago's WDRV (although the end was chopped off...eeek!). And "Future Games" by the Bob Welsh-era Fleetwood Mac - on Lee Arnold's WORJ-dot-com.

"Future Games" put me on a brief quest to find out what Bob Welch is up to these days. Found his website here.

Lots of history, music downloads plus some politics. Email address too - used it to shoot a note to say "thanks for the tunes"; I've always been a fan. Added: Bob responded. Cools!

Later last night: "Lady Writer" by Dire Straits on the new KBLV/Kansas City (99.7/The Boulevard). Great!

I note that Entercom stuck the KYYS call letters on one of its AM stations in KC - keeping them out of the hands of a competitor.

Question answered: A week ago we posed the question "where's Steve Palec?" Steve the host of the WKLH/Milwaukee weekend staple "Rock 'N Roll Roots". He's been MIA (but on vacation).

Steve returns this week from a 2-weeks away that included time in the Carribbean. After his show today Steve travels to Green Bay to attend the NFC Championship game. Its gonna be cold!

Need Your Help:
I'm working on a project and I need a playlist of what a typical AOR station might be playing (current/recurrent/gold) for any week in 1985. E-Mail: Any and all assistance would be appreciated!

VH-1 Classic.
The video channel begins airing classic artist interviews from the CBS-TV News Magazine "60 Minutes".

The VH-1 Classic
website not helpful as to who might be featured - but the series airs - at least this week - tonight at 8pm and again at 10:30pm eastern. Roll tape.

Scott Childers. This week Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight chats with Classic Hits WERV/Aurora, IL Assistant PD Scott Childers; who also has a great second job + a very cool website. Read here.

Cara Carriveau.
Cara shared news yesterday that her podcast "Cara's Basement" is now featured on "one of the largest internet music portals," Very cool! Cara adds: "there's even a CARA'S BASEMENT group you can join." Nice!

If you're in the midwest - stay warm!

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