Friday, January 25, 2008

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Is The Tide Turning For HD Radio? Paragon Media Strategie's Paul Marszalek thinks so after a visit to CES 2008. Read here.

Still Paul accurately observes:

"The vast majority of HD programming is simply a bunch of automated jukeboxes – hardly incentive for the consumer to pick up a new radio when he or she can get all the automated jukeboxes in the world online. I mean, it’s bad enough that your main channel is becoming an automated jukebox…"

Added: Paragon Media's Larry Johnson reports that its new study shows that 2/3 of surveyed 14-24 year olds aren't aware of HD Radio. Of those who are aware, 75% say they'd buy an HD Radio "for the right price". More here.

My take: I still agree with Mark Ramsey's thoughts that people don't typically buy radios - but things that have a radio in them. How can HD be included as standard radio equipment in all radios?

New book from the FCC:
A 98-page document seeking comments on whether the FCC should require licensees to (among other things): establish "permanent advisory boards" in each station community of license with which to consult periodically on community needs and issues"; 24/7 staffing; and restoration of the pre-1987 main studio rule.

The FCC also seeks comment on whether they should require licensees to
"provide data regarding their airing of the music and other performances of local artists and how they compile their stations' playlists." Read here.

My thoughts: whats the cost of compliance to broadcasters? Does 24/7 staffing (actually all hours the station is on the air) mean more jobs or does it mean smaller market stations signing off overnight?
(Most larger clusters already have at least one person in the building overnight; so perhaps no new jobs).

How about policies in place regarding local music? I'm thinking format compatibility/technical standards and the like. Look for more questions in the weeks to come.

Diary of an airshift.
WHLK/Madison's Jim Bartlett (via his music blog) takes you through his airshift this past Wednesday.


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