Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Morning Odds & Sods

+10° - light snow at 8:34am

Good Morning from downtown Lansing.

A bright future for rock.
We've been hyping the format's PPM performance on this blog for some time. On JacoBLOG, Fred Jacobs welcomes a guest from one of his client stations. A great read here.

Sales idea.
Be a hero and share this one from Dave Lange with your GM/GSM.

Missed over the weekend: Chicago's Dean Richards spotlighted by Rick Kaempfer. Read here. Jon Coleman reviews his company's PPM programming findings in FMQB here.

Also in FMQB: consultant Kevin Robinson salutes the legendary Dick Biondi and his ability to connect with listeners. Read

New York's new WRXP. The story behind the switch here.

Further reductions at CBS. Detroit on Friday. St. Louis yesterday. Just plain sad.

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