Friday, February 22, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

31° - sunny (yeah!) at 1:10pm

Welcome to Friday; the end of a long week for yours truly. Just not enough hours in the day this past week. And winter has worn its welcome - spring won't come fast enough.

PD Garner Goin celebrating the 70s with a very well-produced "Rockumentry" airing weekdays (this week and next) 10am to 7pm mountain time. Check it out and listen online here.

The station also featuring "Babes of the 70s", along with 70s music videos. Very cool. Its "events" like this that get people talking about your radio station.

Listening right now as the station is into the year 1976. Great imaging, great sound. Do give it a listen. Be inspired.

Concerts. The Police kicking off another leg of their reunion tour - seeing a lot of station tie-ins. Tom Petty (with Steve Winwood!), Mark Knopfler, Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton touring this spring and summer.

And yesterday I received an email press release that Foreigner will be hitting the road starting in mid-March in a tour sponsored by.....AARP. Cool for the AARP, but doesn't that make you feel just a little bit....old?

Lee Arnold. His daily ritual is 99% like mine; the only difference is that I read his blog and I'm honored to have him read mine.

Lee's morning routine here.

Change. Mark Ramsey with a brief comment on radio's slow move to change:

"You need to understand that, at its center, the definition of your day-to-day must be radically changed. How far are we from this understanding? Just witness how many stations still don't stream.

Note how many lack a listener database, let alone a "community." See how many don't email their listener base because they don't have enough listeners to bother or enough staff to execute.
Until these issues are dealt with, it's hard to face our future."

Mark's post here.

More to come over the weekend.

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