Friday, February 29, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

17° - light snow at 8:54am
left: downtown Lansing early this morning

Snow here again this morning. 3-4 inches possible today. Relief in sight with temps predicted in the 40s sometime next week.

That said - welcome to Friday. Reading this morning:

Reality check from Fred Jacobs:

"It's time to stop all of the hand-wringing about PPM, declining revenue, satellite radio, and all of the other excuses. Sure, these are problems, but the solutions are right in front of our faces. Who does event marketing better than radio? And what medium lends itself best to digital solutions."

Fred's complete post

Mark Ramsey on the radio & the internet: "What would we be and do if we didn't have a broadcast tower at all and only had a website? How would we build this thing?" Its a great read from Mr. Ramsey here.

The Clear Channel Pespective. From the company's EVP of Content Development Tom Owens. In this week's FMQB.

Read highlights here.

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