Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Monday - Great Classic Rock Promotions!

25° - clear at 9:36pm

Have seen a few great classic rock promotions in the past couple of days.

In San Jose, KUFX (Fox 98.5) is doing their 4th annual "School of Rock" - a great public service-type promotion that can generate some talk and some thanks.

The station is inviting middle school and high school bands and choirs to submit a CD of 3 classic rock songs. They will then compete for donations of cash and equipment to their school's music program, plus some great radio, tv and live performance opportunities.

See how The Fox has it put together

KGON/Portland is catching Steven Van Zandt while he's in town with Springsteen this Friday Night. One lucky "Workforce Member" will meet Little Steven - plus get the chance to "get up close and personal" with Steven's producer who will share tips on how to record quality material.

And the station is throwing in a pair of tickets to the Springsteen concert. Very cool.
Little Steven has got to be the hardest working man in syndication these days.

And In San Diego, KGB-FM wants to send a listener to cover Motley Crue's upcoming press conference announcing future plans. A new tour? A new CD? The station's correspondent will report back.

This sounds like a very cool promotion that has to cost next to nothing to pull off. See more here.

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