Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

29 - overcast at 10:20am - below: looking down my street this morning; the last days of winter here in Michigan? Wishful thinking!

Good Morning from Okemos, Michigan.

My usual Sunday Morning fare. Bob Stroud on Chicago's WDRV followed by Steve Palec on Milwaukee's WKLH.

Music Rights for Radio. This past week Mark Ramsey posted a multi-part interview with famed broadcast attorney David Oxenford. Scroll back here.

One discussion revolves around the thought that radio could possibility charge the record industry to play their records.

While that might be the ultimate wet dream for many radio execs - I can't image it going beyond the selections the record industry would want radio to play. And would probably exclude anything outside currents and recurrents.

Face it: there will be records radio will want to play that don't require compensation from the labels - and that includes superstar new releases and gold. Like classic rock.

And if we elect to accept compensation from the record companies for playing the music they want (legal "payola"), does this really serve the interests of our listeners? Just asking...

And no, radio shouldn't be paying the record companies one dime. Likewise with radio-like streaming.

Its about the audience:
Dave Lange writes here about air talent.

Radio Wars:
Fred Jacobs writes about being local; and recalls bumper sticker wars in Detroit between WRIF and WLLZ. Read here.

Radio Stories. Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight shines on WERV/Aurora, IL PD/OM Matt DuBiel this week. Here.

And last Sunday Rick highlighted the radio career of comedian Dobie Maxwell - who had his first radio job here in Lansing at my former station. Read

Belated congrats:
To Milwaukee's Lee Arnold for recently celebrating one year streaming his progressive rock WORJ.COM; and for being awarded a trademark on WORJ. Happy ® to Lee!

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