Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

35° - overcast at 10:45am

Good morning and Happy Easter from Michigan.

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week. I'll spare you the details; but recent days spent recovering from a virus I've been suffering with for several weeks.

Spring officially here - but winter returned with 3-4 inches of white stuff on the ground Friday Night/Saturday Morning. Michigan State: Great win last night over Pittsburgh with MSU moving on next Friday. Go Spartans!

Listening: My usual Sunday Morning fare. Also the past week spent lots of time with Lee Arnold's WORJ-dot-com.

Around the blogosphere:

Some great pieces posted on their site this weekend. One on radio and the web in an interview with the brilliant Mel Taylor. Here.

Another on sweeper production
written by Rich Van Slyke. Some great ideas on coaching your outside voice talent on the type of delivery you're looking for. Read

Radio BS.
No, I'm not going negative. But Mark Ramsey points out some of the dumb things radio stations say on the air. Mark points to a line he heard: "At last, a radio station that fits your lifestyle." Whatever that means. Read here.

Reminds me of an ad I saw a year or so ago; station looking for a program director. The ad said "must live the classic rock lifestyle". I wasn't sure what that meant, so I emailed the person placing the ad who replied "if I have to tell you, you're not the person we're looking for".

Observation: This past week I had a chance to listen to a station from a nearby market - a market larger than Lansing.

The station's afternoon drive jock was apparently MIA; so instead of a substitute, the only thing heard was segues from the automation. Song to song, song to stopset and the like. This station an Arbitron leader in its market. Disappointing.

Catching up on things today.

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