Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News from Vegas

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As followed from my perch in Michigan. NAB's Radio 2020 effort announces its first campaign to increase radio awareness: "Radio Heard Hear". Ad Age with
details. After giving an overview of radio's present day pains, the Ad Age article notes:

"...business is thriving for many small, private-market radio stations, which are experiencing year-to-date double-digit revenue increases, according to a recent report written by Marci Ryvicker, a radio analyst for Wachovia Capital Markets."

"Reporting on the SNL/Kagan Radio Summit in New York, Ms. Ryvicker wrote, "The primary reason for this dichotomy is [small, private stations'] hyper-focus on maintaining and creating local relationships and their long-term (i.e. greater than 3-month approach) to running the business.""

A long-term approach to running the business. Isn't this primarily about leadership? My opinion.

More NAB. Forgetting for a moment that he's the guy who thought "video killed the radio star", Bob Pittman told the NAB crowd today that radio beats iPODS and other options because consumers "don't want to be their own programmers." He said radio is mobile, easy to use, and offers lots of format choices, lessening consumers' need for alternatives, and is "the ultimate in brands," with listeners knowing and loving their favorite stations." (via All Access).

I'm with Bob - although I think there's many consumers who would love to be their own programmers but just don't have the time. Radio continues to win. And Bob a brilliant mind no matter what business.

I've got to look for audio or video of Larry Lujack's induction into the Radio Hall of Fame.

Tax Day.
WCSX/Detroit camped out until Midnight outside a Royal Oak, MI post office with food and music. Very nice!

More tomorrow.

Deadliest Catch tonight on Discovery and then to bed.

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