Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Good Morning from Okemos

More on "shareholder value".
Consultant Alan Mason quotes Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (from the new issue of Time Magazine):

“We want to have the courage to do the things that support the core purpose and the reason for being and not veer off and get caught up in chasing revenue, because long-term value for the shareholder can only be achieved if you create long-term value for the customer and your people."

I couldn't agree more and wrote something similar here last week.

Alan then asks the question for the radio industry:

"Where’s Our Howard Schultz?". Why does it seem so many other business are taking notice of focusing on the brand, but not radio? Doesn’t any of the leadership of the mega-groups understand the comparison with radio?"

Read Alan Mason here.

Use Your Gut.
Dave Lange:

"No doubt you've got a personality, a promotion idea, a unique feature or a stunt that turned into a success without research or even the thought of it. We used to have more of these moments in Radio, but the 'prove it before you commit' moment has clearly been holding us back for a number of years. In may cases you can hear stations that haven't had a good idea since two for Tuesday and others that have flamed out with way too many ideas."

Dave writes about the balance of art & science; the need for a plan; leaving room for improv; and the need to be patient. And more. Read

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