Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Staying Positive: Suggested Reading

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In the last 24 hours, I've read two posts directed at all the negativity that seems to exist in the broadcast industry today. And they're both like a breath of fresh air.

It seems with almost every blog I read, its constant bashing, both from inside and outside the industry.

Start your morning with these two posts.

Dave Martin wrote (yesterday):

"We are living in an age where the quality, quantity and diversity of audio and video is reaching new, unprecedented levels. There's a lot of really good stuff happening out there, folks playing at the top of their game producing truly remarkable work. Yes, we live in disruptive times. Yes, the rule sets are changing. No, the business as usual of today is not producing the results of yesterday."

"We can complain, scream at the rising tide, get involved in rants bashing how things are without suggesting alternatives or we can get involved. We can stay engaged in the futile efforts of getting better at playing defense or we can get different, get proactive and serious about game-changing innovation."

Dave's entire piece here.

And this morning brought Fred Jacobs to the discussion:

"It is too common these days for conversations among radio people to quickly deteriorate into industry bashing. I've been guilty of this, too, because it often seems like the pressure on radio is immense, the competition daunting, and the reactions just too slow to make any difference. We need to turn the conversation around."

"And there's no better place for a new initiative than at the top of radio's most prominent associations (NAB/RAB). We are seeing indicators as well as that some broadcasters are stepping up, facilitating more creative output, and welcoming new ideas."

"The Age of Consolidation is ending. Radio needs to get back to its creative foundation. Rock on, David and Jeff. If there was ever a time for a positive outlook and some creative proactivity, it is right now."

Fred's entire post here. Also suggested: Jacobs Media's new W.T.D.A. Campaign. See here.

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