Sunday, May 18, 2008

Listen Live Widgets Revisited

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Last July - I noted on this blog the availability of "Listen Live" desktop widgets that made listening to streaming radio easy - tools put together by fans of radio stations, not the stations themselves.

My original post here. The KQRS/Minneapolis widget pictured above - found on Yahoo! - was put together by a station listener. The only problem with listener-created listen live widgets is that they become outdated once a station changes its streaming provider or parameters.

Again - why require listeners to navigate through a station website and pull up multiple windows just to listen to your radio station? Imagine if they had to do that with their regular radio!

To date, I have yet to see any radio stations offer a similar product on their own.

This past week - as a member of their "email club" - I received an invite from a regional grocery chain offering a desktop widget for my PC - and its brilliant: click on image for better view

Consumer-friendly resources for meal preparation and shopping. No website. Just a small window on my PC's desktop. Awesome!

Imagine the possibilites for a radio station! Aside from one-click listen live - what other resources could you provide your listeners instantly? And how could your sales department benefit from a tool such as this?

I just be thinkin'.....

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