Monday, May 5, 2008

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Good Morning from Okemos.

Weekend leftover.
The Wall Street Journal on Saturday posted a piece about the drama, risk and reward behind resolving the Adam Corolla/Danny Bonaduce clash. A good read

Been a fan of Adam since Loveline many years ago. Props to US99.55/Chicago's Drew Walker who sent it to me late Saturday - and to Radio-Info's Tom Taylor for reminding me this morning in his newsletter.

Using Your Website To Drive Listenership. Most stations look for the on-air signal to drive website visits. This morning Fred Jacobs looks at using websites to drive listeners to the radio - using a TV superstar as an example. Here.

Isn't this all about the "package" that makes up the brand?

McVay Media's Daniel Anstandig writes on the McVay website:

"Radio is a business born out of passion, and many stations have histories that run miles deeper than “bought by this company, sold to this company.” But in the last few years, many of us have forgotten the stories that brought us (and our radio stations) to the dance."

"Most people don’t know the story or vision behind their own radio station—not just how the radio station was founded, but the contemporary vision for the radio station. Who does the station serve, and why? What does this radio station do that no one else does in the community? What problem do you solve?"

Daniel's article is a must-read. Here. And if you know the story and contemporary vision, does everyone on your staff?

Days gone: Michael Mallace writes about his youth - my youth - and radio. Here.

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