Thursday, May 15, 2008

Should Have Never Got On The Air...

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If you've got advertisers running offers that are too good to be true, isn't it your responsibility to check it out in advance and protect your listener?

Deceptive advertising is one of my (few) pet peeves; and I hear far too many offers on the air - or on TV (particularly on the cable networks) - with offers that appear to be nothing more than blatant rip-offs. Its always been a buyer-beware world; but isn't listenership all about relationships - and protecting those relationships?

And in this case - the station doesn't appear to be taking much action. The damage to their listener asset has been done.

Much often this is out of the hands of programming - but the PD needs to raise his voice in matters such as this. One of the most important jobs of a Program Director is being an advocate for the listener inside the radio station.

More later today - including a look ahead to Memorial Day Weekend programming.

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Mediadude said...

I this happened as described in The Daily News - then it sounds like a PD-approved deal. They were using the station's brand to promote a sponsor - something that should never happen without the PD's OK.