Friday, May 23, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Good Evening from Michigan.

Lee Arnold. Lee wraps up this week with what is just an excellent post on his blog: "Dick Meeder-The Best GM I Never Worked For". An excellent piece - followed by a great video of the late Mr. Meeder here.

Lee also recalls the GMs he did work for - and this sounds like the story of my career too (and I'm certain many others):

"Some were great at what they did. Some were “dear” friends. Some left me alone to do my job. Others meddled constantly. Some were generous and out going. Some were cheap. Some were leaders. Some were afraid of leaders."

Jaye Albright.
Jaye accurately says "uh oh" when noting that once internet hits vehicles, radio will have more competition that ever with traffic and news reports (and the revenue they provide) - suggesting that a plan to upgrade your content might be in order.

Forgetting radio for a moment, there's a bigger concern given the photo used in Jaye's post. The thought of someone watching streaming video while driving doesn't make me feel too safe being on the road at the same time. Jaye's post here.

And: yours truly closer to launching a hobby radio adventure on the internet. Using a portion of our household "economic stimulus" check, wrapped up the purchase of some affordable automation and music scheduling software today from Spacial Audio and Music 1. Still ripping CDs as time allows - but getting closer to the goal.

More over the weekend as time spent with family and rest allows.
Have a good one!

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