Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

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Good Afternoon from Michigan.
A nice morning on the back deck.

This morning/early afternoon to Steve Palec on Milwaukee's WKLH. Lots of Santana this morning. And a tribute to Elvis Costello. Cool! Another great show Steve! Memo to 'KLH: Spend a few hours listening to your stream with a critical ear.

The new iPhone:
Radio isn't AM and FM, towers and transmitters anymore. Its distributing content through multiple platforms. There's other ways of getting our content delivered besides FM tuners (or lack thereof). Opinion: The NAB needs a think tank on the subject and spend less time dealing with the "tuner" issue.

Lee Arnold.
Lee had a great post a few days back - about listening to the radio, hearing a great track and waiting for the jock to ID it:

"The Jock came on, gave the call letters and went into a spot cluster. NO SONG IDENTIFICATION!!! I went ballistic. I started yelling and cursing at the radio. I pounded on the dashboard a couple times and got out of the car, SLAMMING the door."

Lee's full post

Progressive rock radio's past: News Blimps. Remember them? News pieces with topical music. Distributed by the Progressive Radio Network. Was chatting with a friend about these the other day...turns out he (and a friend of his - today a well-known industry consultant) actually produced a number of these during their college days - along with free-lancers from all over the country.

Meanwhile - I did a Google search and found some old News Blimps from California's Bobby Blue online
here. Added: Found some more News Blimp audio from WORJ.COM here.

Brings back memories of the old Earth News and Zodiac News services. And (unrelated) the trade publication Walrus.

J Blackburn writes this morning about "news blimps" that were rolled locally at WLUP/Chicago in 1977. Noting that the FCC had content requirements back then: "
News had to roll all day, so we put music under it. With FM, it was so much easier. The content depended on the target and the culture. At The Loop we rolled news blimps and illustrated the stories with appropriate music."

Unscientific music research. Or maybe just observation. Cool bars with cool jukeboxes. What are people spending their coin to listen to?

Not long ago, I was in a local watering hole and noted the what was being played; heard some great tracks from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zeppelin, Seger, John Mayall and others. Most of the coins were being dropped on tracks not heard on the radio.

Would it make sense to get a list of what tracks were being paid for and perhaps include a few of the top ones in a music test? Just thinking...

Redecorating. Consultant Harv Blain shares

Great interview: Rick Kaempfer interviews Chicago's Jim Smith. If you don't know his name, you'll know his stations. A must-read for any programmer or radio geek. Here.

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