Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Argument Clinic

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Oops...not that classic Monty Python skit -
but the WGRF/Buffalo (97 Rock) website.

I mentioned here days ago that the station was airing its list of "The Top 100 Guitar Heroes of Classic Rock" this past weekend.

A look at the station's website this morning demonstrated that the feature did its job stirring up listener conversation and debate. From the discussion board:

"Randy Rhoads is too talented that it is an insult that he is at #17. He should at least of been in the first three. Oh well, we all have our own opinion."

"This list was pretty good, but Hughie Thomasson (RIP) should have been a lot higher than 98. Stevie Ray Vaughn's better than EVH too, but that's ok."

"Three problems with the list. The first two are only minor though. Slash should be top ten, and duane allman should be much higher also top 10. The major problem is of course jimi hendrix. Led Zeppelin is by far my favorite artist and the greatest of all time but jimi hendrix is the best guitarist ever. But i'm very glad you reconized Jimmy Page as a amazing guitarists where he is underestimated in magazines like Rolling Stone."

"And Jimmy Page over Hendrix - pfffft c'mon Buffalo are you serious? Jimi Hendrix could play better right handed than Paige could. Hendrix wasnt even alive long enough to do what Paige had his whole life to do and without Hendrix - most of the clasic rock genre wouldn't exist."

There's plenty more comments (19 pages worth) from 97 Rock listeners here. Kudos again to PD John Hager for finding a passionate topic among listeners that's tied directly to the on-air product. Hitting some hot buttons.

Engaging programming resulting in listener-created content - plus (educated guessing here) a boost to weekend cume and TSL. Overall: simply awesome!

Added: Buffalo received their spring advances today...and WGRF is up more than 2 points 25-54 - and a solid #2 in the demo. Congrats again to John and his staff!

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