Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Classic Rock Celebrates the 4th!

65° - light rain at 11:50pm

Good evening from Michigan.

I may have mentioned this last year
- but be a source of information about firework displays and other things happening in the communities you serve this weekend.

As an air talent, I can't tell you how many calls I'd typically get every year on the studio line asking about fireworks. And certainly use your website.
It's not too late.

WAXQ/New York becomes the soundtrack for two area firework displays July 3-4. "Remember to bring your radio tuned to Q104.3 as we synchronize the tunes for each display". See here. Very nice!

WMGK/Philadelphia presents the soundtrack to fireworks that follow a free listener concert featuring Randy Bachman and his band.

KKRW/Houston celebrates the 4th starting Thursday Night at 5 with "Z to A" (or every song in the library played in backwards alphabetical order).

WGRF/Buffalo promises "every essential Classic Rock song about America, U.S. cities, freedom and everything Red, White and Blue" with their annual 97 Rock USA to Z marathon.

In Milwaukee, WKLH also presenting a "USA to Z" Weekend.

'KLH also doing giveaways of 96.5 gallons of gas as "
The Classic Rocktane Summer".

Free gas rocks.

to Detroit's WCSX. The revamped website looks that handwritten font!

Have a good night...

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