Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meeting David Rehr

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I be back.
Earlier this week the day job brought me to the Michigan Association of Broadcasters' (MAB) Annual Conference - held at Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville, Michigan.

I had a few cool moments spending time with broadcast attorney David Oxenford (we go way back to some New Mexico projects); a great night of award ceremonies (more on that with a separate post); and some quality time with NAB President/CEO David Rehr.

Mr. Rehr was to address the Tuesday lunch at the broadcasters' meeting. After arriving alone - and catching up on business with his laptop and cell phone outside the meeting room, he came in and spent a little time one-on-one with myself aloing with a few MAB members who happened to wander into the lunch room early.

The 3-5 of us were able to spend time talking about the FCC localism proposals, recording artist royalties and HD radio.

Rehr didn't offer anything beyond what you've read from him and NAB in the press already - but he did offer something very infectious:
A very enthusiastic attitude and optimism over radio and television broadcasting.

I've never been with someone so hyped up over the radio (and television) business than David Rehr. I couldn't help but feel motivated by his unrestrained excitement over the broadcast medium.

I can only equate David's spirit to James Brown in the Blues Brothers movie.

Rehr talked about the fact that radio's reach has actually increased over the past few years. And it just reinforced what I've written about before here: radio's problems are primarily with Wall Street, not Main Street. Certainly radio has new media competition; it may never be what it was. But in terms of reach, it still leads the pack.

My take: perception may be reality. Our biggest challenge is changing perception. And its my take that changing perception starts within.

I just wish David Rehr had a chance to visit with everyone in the business. It would be a great start for change. We need a cheerleader. And David Rehr is certainly waving the flag for broadcasting.

And makes me proud to be in the business.

Lots of catching up to do...more to come.

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