Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Quotes

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Good Morning from Okemos.

My oldest (Tyler, pictured left) turned 13 yesterday. Everybody says it - but its true: time passes way too fast with kids.

Labor Day Weekend coming up.
I promise to run down special programming in the next day or two. What have you got planned? Please share!

Some quotes seen over the past couple days
- first from Fred Jacobs:

"And yes, if it was a radio programmer running the Obama campaign, that text would have gone out at 7:20 Thursday Morning."

Fred - writing about Obama...and "whats the digital application?".
Makes for a great read and food for thought for your radio station. Here.

A quote from Greater Media VP/Program Development Buzz Knight:

"As programmers, we have to understand that cultivating new air talent is critical to the future of our business. We have to be sensitive to how we are grooming new talent, a challenge for every company."

"Great talent adds great value to your brand. It is incumbent upon us to create talents that are great brands. We have to evolve with the times in our thinking of how to develop strong personalities. We as managers have to play significant roles in that process."

That's part of a great interview with Buzz in the current issue of FMQB. Read

Next from Dave Martin:

"...The six-word job description of the PD remains "Deliver numbers to the sales department." The PD is advocate for the group(s) formerly known as the audience. The four-word job description of the SM remains "Convert deliverables into cash." The SM is advocate for the paying customers."

"In the most effective organizations PDs and SMs are involved in an ongoing creative collaboration. The work is akin to the real-time improvisation one finds integral to jazz. A mix of equal parts art and science. Each player has a deep understanding and respect for producing results. Accordingly, there is art in commerce. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Dave reviews the classic product vs. sales debate

And from the brilliant mind of KEZK-KYKY/St. Louis PD Mark Edwards:

"I think sometimes management doesn't let talent do what they were hired to do. Whether its a big money morning man, a rookie weekender, or a PD, you have to let your people do their jobs. I have a tremendous amount of respect for great Air Personalities, partly because I was never that good on the air, but mostly because I've always tried to build a team with people who are specialists in what they do."

"When you clamp down on any kind of talent, you don't let them do what you hired them to do, so I'd rather let them do their "act", critique when its necessary, and make sure they know their limits, whether it be what they can talk about or how long a bit should be. Great local talent will always be broadcast radio's best weapon, and you have to let them be themselves as well as good station ambassadors on and off the air."

Mark is interviewed on Rick Kaempfer's Chicago Radio Spotlight

More later. The day job awaits...

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