Monday, November 17, 2008

Podell Announces His Pick!

To most reading this, the talent involved doesn't matter. It's a Detroit thing. But what's important is the playbook; and Doug Podell's well-thought process of releasing a long-time morning show and replacing it with another. See my first post here.

Greater Media/Detroit Director of Rock Programming Doug Podell announced to WCSX listeners
on the air, on the web, via email and via text - a new morning team - one well known to Detroit listeners.

Podell using a lesson learned from one candidate for President - using new media to create a buzz with the P1s. And just like the President-elect - his new morning team won't even go into office (on the air) until January (due to a non-compete).

More details on the WCSX website here. And no, I don't think this would have worked replacing the longtime talent with an unknown from outside the market.

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