Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CGM Comes To Live TV

There's been a lot written about Consumer Generated Media (CGM) ... You Tube, blogs, podcasting and more - and now comes "Text Me TV".

It just debuted here in Lansing on the local CW affiliate (a cable channel here - also seen on the ABC affiliate's HDTV secondary channel). For a mere 99¢ per text, one can broadcast their message to the world - or at least to those watching in the Lansing market.

Tuning in this past Tuesday at noon, the show had two hosts giving away prizes - conducting polls on "best revenge you ever had on an ex"; plus talk on Britney, Lindsay Lohan and more. The hosts commented on messages; suggesting new topics when response slowed, much like talk radio. Live and local TV.
Check out the Lansing Text Me TV website here. Read an interview with a late-night Text Me TV show host here. At best, I'd classify this show as "semi-professional"...the hosts are primary students at Michigan State University. But it doesn't matter. Its different - and talking right to its demo.

What could text messaging do for radio? Interacting with your audience. A text scroll on a website or streaming player. Requests. Questions. Polls. Opinion. Fun. Make it ad supported. Another chance to bond with the audience. Community. How about HD radio with its text abilities?

In just recent weeks - CBS country WYCD/Detroit introduced text messaging as a way of communicating with their audience. And the age demos of country are pretty broad.

How 'bout Classic Rock? As Fred Jacobs wrote days ago: "You can't run away from technology, so why not try to embrace it?"

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