Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks Seaver!

On Sunday's "Odds and Sods" post, I made reference to WDRV/Chicago's HD2 stream - and noted that there was an actual voice/host on the format and thought that it might be WDRV morning man Steve Downes.

I was wrong.

The voice is actually that of Seaver (photo above); who's been the daily 8a-5p voice of the WDRV HD2 channel since March 3rd. Prior to WDRV, he'd been longtime PM drive personality at WLUP/Chicago.

In an email yesterday, Seaver notes that I'm the first media-type to note that there's an actual jock on the HD2 programming; and its a compliment that I thought his voice was Downes.

Appreciate the kind words about the blog and hope this sets the record straight. Its awesome that The Drive is investing talent dollars into their HD2 channel. It does make a difference!

More here later today.