Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whats for Lunch?

A quick look on how classic rock stations around the country handle the lunch hour...most do the all-request thing with one name or another...

KGB/San Diego's Cindy Pace has "The Liquid Lunch"; with listeners waiting for Cindy to "pop the top" to win a six-pack of prizes. "Another perk for listening at work".

WKLH/Milwaukee's Marilynn Mee serves up "The Workforce Lunch" with requests.

Scott Barnett at Tucson's KLPX does the "Hot Lunch" request hour.

Dutch on Wilmington, NC's WBNU (The Bone) does requests with "Bone Appetit".

As noted here - Frankie - middays at KCFX in Kansas City does a great job chatting with listeners while taking requests on "The Fox Free Lunch".

Chris Rhoads at WHTQ/Orlando features the "Workforce Lunchtime Classic" - with a prize to the designated caller.

Old acquaintance Lee Roberts - longtime air talent at KXRO/Oklahoma City does a listener-selected "Ultimate Album Side" every weekday at noon.

My favorite:
In Detroit, Karen Savelly on WCSX invites listener participation with "Linkletter" On Demand. Its all-request - but the first letter of the first word in a requested song has to match the last letter of the last word in the previous song. An excellent example of engaging listeners and getting them involved.

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