Friday, April 6, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Welcome To Friday. Today we're making a road trip to see family just outside Keokuk, IA; love the long drives - one hand constantly tuning the radio to hear all the stations along the route.

In case you missed it:

Stupid DJ Tricks.
Fred Jacobs writing here about promotions that get attention (without endangering your listeners). And this morning its Fred on the power of late night radio...impossible with voice-tracking. Click here.

Seth Godin. Seth has a great post that applies so well to radio. Don't accept the mediocre. Trade production efficiencies for quality. Read Seth here.

Give A Listen:
Garner Goin - PD of KRFX/Denver has always been an innovator. Now he's snagged comedian/actor Harland Williams for afternoon drive.

You'll likely best know Harland in his debut movie role as the State Trooper in Dumb and Dumber back in 1994. Give a listen to the stream
weekdays 3-7pm Mountain Time.

Gotta hit the road - have a great weekend and a good Easter. More here late Sunday.

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